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A Tribute to TWA..."The Airline Run by Flyers"
Early TWA History from original TWA documents.

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"Conquistadores del Cielo"- Conquerors of the Sky
Paul Richter and Jack Frye were
co-founders in 1937

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Conquistadores del Cielo was founded for the purpose of gathering corporate leaders in an informal setting, at dude ranches in the west and annual meetings in N.Y. These men, builders of global industries, enjoyed friendships and camaraderie. Today C del C is often referred to as "the Aerospace Olympus" with members including James M. Guyette, President and Ceo of Rolls Royce North America.

Compliments to Jim Guyette, Pres. of Conquistadores; a passionate historian. He initiated the preservation of the history of C del C. Other distinguished members include Jim Wortham - ex Douglas President, James G. Roche - Secretary of the Air Force, Sir John Edward Victor-Rose - Rolls Royce Chief Executive, Vance Coffman - CEO Lockheed Martin, Charles Gates Jr., Ray H. Siegfried II, Barron Hilton and the great 'Space Pioneers' of today...

Thanks to Frye and Richter, two visionary aviators of the 1920s.

...The above memorial tribute from the Conquistadores del Cielo...
Jack Frye and Paul Richter

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